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Law Library User's Guide: Drinks in the Law Library

A guide to the services, collections, locations, policies and rules of the Law Library.

Authorized Containers Only

Patrons may bring non-alcoholic drinks into the Law Library but only in authorized “spill-proof” containers. (See the pictures on the display posted on the library bulletin board and just outside of the library entrance, for examples of authorized containers.) Twist-top bottles (water, pop, etc.), soft drink cans, and paper cups with lids (like the cups for coffee/tea from the Court Cafe) are NOT considered “spill-proof” containers and therefore are specifically prohibitedin the Law Library. The contents of these types of containers may easily be poured into authorized containers, so please be cooperative in bringing in only authorized containers.

Permitted Containers: Permitted containers picture1 Permitted containers picture2

Prohibited Containers: Prohibited containers picture1 Prohibited containers picture2

Inevitably, spills occur, even with spill-proof containers. Please take personal responsibility for any spills by reporting them to the Circulation Desk and obtaining supplies to clean up the spill.

All drinks (even in authorized containers) are prohibited near library computers and printers, and are prohibited in the Rare Book Room, Special Services Room (Room 130), the Computer Lab (Room 176), the Print Lab (Room 126), and in the book stacks.