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Law & Popular Culture DVD Collection: About the DVD Collection

Introducing the DVD Collection


The Law, Lawyers & Popular Culture DVD Collection, informally known as Lex Populi, consists of feature films and documentaries in all genres. However, for a DVD to be included in the collection, it must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Contains a significant trial scene;
  • Has a lawyer as a significant character;
  • Focuses on a current legal “hot topic;”
  • Explores a socio-legal theme; or,
  • Depicts a story about the law, legal systems, or legal education.


To find a movie by title, click on the alphabetical tabs from the drop-down menu bar.

You also can search the InfoHawk Catalog by title, keyword, or subject.

Adobe Acrobat PDF document Instructions for searching the "Law Film, Law, Lawyers & Popular Culture" DVD collection.


Users may borrow up to three DVDs at one time, for a period of seven days. When leaving the library, users must have circulation staff hand the DVDs around the security gate. DVDs must be returned to the Circulation Desk.

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