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Law Library User's Guide: Rules of the Library

A guide to the services, collections, locations, policies and rules of the Law Library.

No Food or Tobacco

Law Library users deserve a clean and quiet atmosphere. Therefore, food and tobacco products are prohibited in the library. Insects and rodents attracted by food pose a danger to the library collection and furniture. Noisy and odiferous food consumption also serves as a distraction to study and research.

Closing Time

Vacating the library by closing time is mandatory. Warning chimes are sounded thirty minutes before closing; the computer and print labs are locked 15 minutes before closing. Please pack up and leave the library shortly after the chimes sound. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please exit the Law Library using the main door on the second floor. All other doors are emergency exits that will set off alarms.


Please be courteous to your fellow library users. Loud conversations are distracting; please use the common areas of the law school for group study. Cell phone conversations are distracting as well; please use the stairwells or go out of the library to complete cell phone calls. Activity or behavior that is considered distracting or disturbing to other patrons may cause the loss of library privileges. Threatening or dangerous behavior will be reported immediately to the University of Iowa Public Safety Office.