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Law Library User's Guide: Computer Services

A guide to the services, collections, locations, policies and rules of the Law Library.

Acceptable Use Policy

Law students, faculty, and staff are governed by the University of Iowa Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Network services (e.g. Internet, HawkMail, wireless) and University computing resources should primarily be used for University-related educational purposes. Users should engage in safe computing practices by establishing appropriate access restrictions for their accounts, guarding their passwords, and maintaining backup and recovery systems for their files.

Using University networks and equipment for file sharing is prohibited under the technology policy. If you are using the University's network to download music, movies, or other copyrighted material without paying for them, or you are using a file sharing network to illegally disseminate materials that you previously paid to download, you are in violation of the University Technology Policy and are subject to sanctions.

Computer Lab & Workstations

The Law Library has 22 desktop computers available to law students; 21 in the Computer Lab located in Room 174 on Level 1, and one computer dedicated to printing, located in the Print Lab (Room 126) on Level 1. The student computers are restricted to law students only. To use the computers, log on with your HawkID and password. The Law Library Computer Lab is available during Law Library hours, with the occasional exception for a closed training class. Closed training classes will be posted at the door.

Law students should not save files to the hard drives of desktop computers in the Computer Lab or workstations. Law students who want to save files have the following options:

  • Save to a USB flash drive.
  • Save to MyFiles. This appears as the H: drive on library computers. Files saved to MyFiles are accessible from any library computer. Files saved to MyFiles can also be accessed from off-campus through
  • Save to a CD/DVD.

Personal Computers

The Student Computing department supports PC and Mac personal computers and is the primary contact for all personal computer and technology related issues. Student computing staff assist with software installation and support issues, exam software support, basic virus and malware removal, wireless network connectivity, wireless printing, and provide other basic troubleshooting support for personal computer and technology related issues.

The Student Computing staff does not provide computer repair services but may help diagnose the issue and provide a referral for repair services in the area.

Student Computing recommends the following best practices for bringing a personal computer to campus:

  • Connect your personal computer to the UI Wireless Eduroam network through
  • Install critical updates for your personal computer's operating system. Information Technology Services requires any personal computer accessing the University's network to have the most recent critical updates for the computer's operating system. The best way to ensure the latest updates are installed on a computer is to turn on automatic software updates. More information can be found at
  • Install an antivirus software program on your personal computer. More information can be found at

Students who have an assigned carrel should purchase and use a security cable to protect their personal computers from theft; those who wish to use the Ethernet outlet must provide their own Ethernet cable.


Law Students

Network printers are available on the first, second, and third floors of the Law Library. Law students may print from any of the computers in the Computer Lab or their laptop computers to any of the network printers in the Law Library. In addition, law students may print from the printing workstation located in the Print Lab or from any of the general access computers on the second floor of the Law Library. The library computers will print two-sided (duplex) by default, but may be changed to single-sided printing.

The general access computers on the second floor have reader versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe. Student Computing recommends using your personal computer or a computer in the Computer Lab if you need to edit a document before printing.

Wireless printing to the network printers in the Law Library is available for law students. Law students can install the printers on their personal computers. These operating systems are compatible with the network printers: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X Lion (10.7), or Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8). PC laptops will print two-sided (duplex) by default. Mac laptops will print single-sided by default. These default settings may be changed.

The Law Library uses PaperCut for law student, faculty, and staff printing and copying accounts. The PaperCut system is separate from the University of Iowa ITC Printing system. The Law Library sells PaperCut cards at the Circulation Desk in denominations of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00. Every PaperCut card has a unique registration code and an expiration date. PaperCut cards must be redeemed online before funds will be added to your PaperCut account. PaperCut cards may only be redeemed once. If you do not have sufficient funds in your PaperCut account, you will not be able to print or copy in the Law Library.

For instructions on setting up a shared printing account for faculty research assistants, law review members and other student organizations, please see ITS’s article Shared Printing Accounts in PaperCut/ITC Print at

Other Library Users

University students, faculty, staff and guests can print on the second floor of the Law Library at the Guest Print Release station. Printing costs $.08 per page; users must purchase printing credit at the Circulation Desk, and payment must be made by cash or check payable to the University of Iowa Law Library.


Two scanners are available at the Scanning Stations on the first floor of the Law Library in Room 130. Scanning instructions are available at the Scanning Stations. There is no charge to law students, faculty, and staff for scanning. University students, faculty, staff and guests may scan up to twenty-five pages at no charge. Scanned documents may be emailed or saved to a USB flash drive.


The university wireless network is available on each floor of the Law Library.

  • Law community users, UI faculty and students, and other university-affiliated guests may access wireless through Eduroam, using the university-supplies username and password
  • University guests may access wireless through AT&T Guest WiFi; 
  • For information and assistance regarding network software and security measures, contact the Student Computing department staff in Room 130.