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Law and Popular Culture DVD Collection: Getting Started

Introducing the DVD Collection

DVD Display

What is in the DVD Collection

The Law and Popular Culture DVD Collection consists of feature films, documentaries, and television shows in all genres.

However, for a DVD to be included in the collection, it must meet one of the following criteria:

  • contains a significant trial scene;
  • has a lawyer as a significant character;
  • focuses on a current legal “hot topic;”
  • explores a socio-legal theme; or,
  • depicts a story about the law, legal systems, or legal education.

How to Find a DVD

The Law and Popular Culture DVD Collection can be found on Level 2 of the Law Library, next to the elevator.

The DVD cases are arranged alphabetically by title.

You also can search InfoHawk+ by keyword, title, author/creator, and subject.


How to Borrow a DVD

Users may borrow up to three DVDs at one time, for a period of seven days.

Locate the movie case in the collection and bring to the Circulation Desk.

A circulation staff member will retrieve the DVD and check out the item.

DVDs are to be returned to the Circulation Desk.