Computing and Technology: Bloomberg Law

Registering for a Bloomberg Law account

Law students may register for a Bloomberg Law password at A Bloomberg Law card with an activation code keyed to the University of Iowa College of Law will be handed out to students at the orientation sessions, and while the activation code does streamline the registration process, the code itself is not necessary to complete the registration.

The one requirement for Bloomberg Law registration is that law students use their email address to complete the registration. Students will also need to verify their registrations through messages sent to their accounts.

Law students with questions regarding Bloomberg Law registration should contact Ted Potter, Reference Librarian, at 319-335-9017 or

Bloomberg Law summer and post-graduation access

University of Iowa College of Law students may utilize their Bloomberg Law accounts during the summer in an unlimited fashion, and for up to six months after graduation

Please click here for more details on Bloomberg Law summer and post-graduation access.

Bloomberg Law contact information

Law students with questions about their existing accounts and/or the content in Bloomberg Law are encouraged to contact the Bloomberg Law representative for the University of Iowa College of Law: 

Diana Witt, Account Manager, Client Success, Bloomberg BNA,

Bloomberg Law technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 880-560-2529 and