Computing and Technology: Remote Access

Various Instructions

To install the UI Anywhere VPN follow these instructions from the ITS website:

To connect to the UI Anywhere VPN client use these instructions:

Connecting to the L: Drive for Journal Members

To connect to the L: drive on Windows create a shortcut to \\\shared\law

When prompted type in your HawkID and password.

To access L: drive files click the shortcut while connected to the eduroam wireless network on campus or to the UI Anywhere VPN.

To connect to the L: drive on Mac OS X click the Go menu in Finder then Connect to Server.

In the Server Address area type in smb://

Click the + button in that window to save the server address.

Click connect and type in your HawkID and password when prompted.

To access L: drive files through a Finder window while connect to the eduroam wireless network on campus or to the UI Anywhere VPN.

If reconnect to the server connect again from Go > Connect to Server > Connect.

Note:  Law Clinic members are never to access L Drive files in this manner.